It is located in the center of a valley located between Veliko Tarnovo and the ridges of the Central Balkan Mountains. To the north of the village rises a high bair – The country, crossed by the Klisura Pass, which leads to Dragizhevo, Lyaskovets and the Danube Plain. To the south of Tserova koria, a plain is widening, riddled with valleys, ridges and vast woods, located along the two banks of the Veselina River, leading to the St. Nikolai Mirlikiyski Miracle Worker and the Holy Prophet Elijah Plachkovski Manastir, and behind them rise the peaks of the Balkans, crossed by the upper Elena Pass. From the village there is a road to the west which leads through Pchelishte and Prisovo to Veliko Tarnovo. To the east, it passes through Kapinovo and Mindya to Elena.

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