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Tserova koria has a town hall, community centre, retirement club and several food shops and bars. The village also has a primary school, kindergarten, youth club, dentist and a health service.


Tserova koria has many cultural life activities. Community centre activities include theatre players, children's theatre studios, a group for old urban songs, a children's dance group, a traditional dance group for spring folklore and a club for verbal recital creativity.


The village is located in the center of a valley, located between Veliko Tarnovo and the ridges of the Central Balkan Mountains. To the north of the village rises a high bair - the country. To the south, a plain is widened, riddled with valleys, ridges and vast groves, located along the two banks of the Veselina River, leading to the Kupin Monastery, and behind them rise the peaks of the Balkans.




Lazarovden – 16.04.2022

Lazarovden is the feast day of St Lazarus, who was raised from the dead by Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on the Saturday before Palm Sunday according to the Orthodox


Harvest Time 2020

Harvest Time 2020 Every year a most important event takes place in the fields around our village of Tserova koria. The first harvesting of the wheat. Wheat Wheat is grown



About Tserova koria

The village of Tserova koria is an old and very beautiful village.

It is located in the centre of a valley located between Veliko Tarnovo and the ridges of the Central Balkan Mountains.

History of the village

The geographical location of the village determines its historical significance from ancient times. It is one of the oldest settlements in the valley.

It originated during the Thracian period and was built one kilometre east of the present village around the Radomir river banks. It is not known what his original name was.

From the archaeological finds such as bronze, clay, copper, silver, gold and ceramic objects, iron tools and weapons – knives, swords and others, it can be assumed that the settlement dates from the late Iron Age …



Book“History of the village” was written in 1993 byCanka_sychkova, which she has written: “The search and collection of materials is not only my merit, but the work of the entire patriotic population of the village, which morally and materially supported me in the difficult endeavor. With readiness and responsiveness over 200 people told memories and legends, provided me with books, archives, magazines, newspapers, photos and manuscripts reflecting one or another event related to the history of the village.”

The Book “Memories and notes of Tserova koria” was wtitten in 1921 byIvan Cerov –  Bulgarian educator и politician, born on 26 march 1857 in Tserova koria. Finish religious school in Lyaskovets monastery. He taught in Gabrovo, Svishtov, Varna and his native village. From 1890 he was inspector in Varna educational district, then he gave a textbook on Bulgarian literature for secondary schools. During 1909 – 1912 he was mayor of Varna.



Area in km²
Elevation in m

Mayor's Office

Hristo Kunchev


Hristo Kunchev worked for many years in the Ministry of Interior system. He first started in the Public Order Conservation Department, CBS, and worked for 9 years in the traffic police in Gorna Oryahovitsa. He retired as a district inspector of Dobri Dyal, Kozarevets and part of Lyaskovets.

Daniela Yordanova

Head secretary

Daniela Yordanova take care for the village administrations, finances and organising of project developments, a chief specialist in the mayoralty.

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