The center of our national culture

Chitalishte “Development” in the village of Tserova koria was founded in 1883 by the teachers Ivan Penchev and Ivan Chantov, who graduated from the April High School in Gabrovo. Since its founding, it has been a permanent center of our national culture, serving the population and satisfying its spiritual interests. Many people have made a great contribution to the development of the community center in the village of Tserova koria, but there are several names, besides the creators who deserve to be mentioned as teachers Dimo ​​Ivanov, Mikhail Guzelev, Petar Popov, Vasil Todorov, who initiated the theatrical activity, Stefan Savov, Jordan Popov. The merits of Ivanka Burzakova, Nikola Kanazirev, Radi Balabanski, Georgi Arabadzhiev are also emphasized. The role of the longtime librarian Mikhail Kanchev is extremely important, which has the rare ability to attract and organize young people for creative activity. Of importance for the rise of the Chitalishte are the years during which the chairmen are Stoyan Barzakov, Stancho Karaivanov, Nikolay Kanchev.
Since the establishment of the Chitalishte, care has been taken to create a library fund. Over the years, library work has evolved and improved. The library now has 6527 volumes of literature and is regularly visited by many readers.
Over the years, a community brass band, a variety orchestra and a women’s choir were formed in the community center, which participated actively in various festivals organized in the village and the region. For years, a children’s music school has also worked at the community center.

Theatrical composition

Another major form of cultural activity at the Chitalishte is the theatrical. The theater attracts not only the teachers, but also the peasants themselves, among whom good actors are broadcast. In the past, theater teams have won regional and county championships. 180 multi-act plays have been staged, with great success such as Hash, Ivanko, Masters, Robbers, Tartuffe, Albena, Boryana, Servants, Blockade, Happiness and other. In recent years, the performances of the theatrical troupe at the Chitalishte have been associated primarily with the presentation of one-act plays, interludes on the 20th of January – the gathering of the village and 8 March.

Spring Folklore Group

For 25 years, there has been a group of spring folklore that has restored many forgotten customs such as lasagna, daytime, caroling, Babinden, Trifon Zarezan. The custom of lasagna has been presented at many municipal screenings and is also based on national television.

Children’s dance group “Easter”

Constantly active for 16 years is the children’s dance group “Easter”. His appearances are numerous, both locally and at the municipal level.
There is also a children’s theater studio in the community center, which has an important place for all holidays and celebrations. “Pomegranate with Ruby Grains”, “The Red Riding Hood”, “Pudar”, “The Golden Girl”, “The Unborn Girl”, “Snow White” and many more are the titles of the performed productions. During the summer holidays, local and visiting children participate in a program for summer engagement of young people, in which they manifest themselves in various interest clubs – fine arts and applied arts, sports events. At the end of the summer exhibitions are organized with elaborate materials, which are of great interest. People of different ages also take part in various competitions organized by the Chitalishte – for reciting poems, for making party days, for martenitsas, for evenings of talent. Despite the great difficulties and demographic collapse, the community center in the village of Tserova koria continues to fulfill its main mission to be a cultural center.

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