A kindergarten in the village of Tserova Koria was opened after the establishment of the village council in 1956. Initially, it is housed in the school building and is seasonal only. In the 70s it becomes year-round, but in winter it is noon and only in summer – all day. In 1973 a house was purchased and repaired and the kindergarten became independent and all-day. After the kindergartens were closed in the neighboring settlements, children from four villages now visit it.

Our new kindergarten

In August of 2015 the Kindergarden received assistance from the US army and with cooperation of the Bulgarian army. carried out major repairs to the building including, installation of terracotta, ventilation and convector, purchase and installation of a new boiler, refreshed painted walls and ceilings in daycare, placing two air conditioners in the bedroom and replacement of the electrical panel, installing of new covers plumbing shafts and outer well.

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