Harvest Time 2020

Harvest Time 2020

Every year a most important event takes place in the fields around our village of Tserova koria. The first harvesting of the wheat.


Wheat is grown on more land area than any other crop and continues to be the most important food grain source for humans around the world. The cultivation of wheat reaches far back into history. Wheat was one of the first domesticated food crops and for 8 000 years wheat has been the basic staple food of the inhabitants of Europe, West Asia and North Africa.

Many of us in these modern times take it for granted that we can have bread every day and is readily available in shops.
But to get that principal commodity to your table a great deal of preparation, hard work and strife has gone into ensuring that your daily intake of, vitamins and nutritious energy fiber reaches your food table.


Mr. Georgi Arabadjiev, a resident of Tserova Koria, is one of the largest land tenants in the area. With over 13,000 acres of land, producing about 4000 tonnes of grain, he and his dedicated team of employees work through the year to produce crops such as wheat, corn, barley, and sunflowers. Mr. Arabadjiev studied at the University of Stara Zagora and holds a Master’s degree in “Combined feed and nutrition” Georgi is also head of the poultry and agricultural company, ‘Prolet 57’ which he established back in 2000. It is part of the Poultry Product Manufacturing Industry group in Bulgaria.

Let there be fertility and prosperity, let the year be bountiful and let the barns overflow.

The land around Tserova koria is situated on the early slopes of the mid-Bakan mountain range and because of this the consistency of the soil is not easy to farm. The work can be long and hard going and like all farmers, you are dependent on the weather.

Timing of the harvest is essential in ensuring you get the best yields from your land.

Harvest too early or late and you may not get the best quality which reflects on the price, which is another ‘bone of contention’ for farmers with those buyers who can offer ridiculously low prices.and so wet weather at harvest time can have a massive effect on income.

From time immemorial it has been an established custom for those that ‘work the land’ to ask for divine intervention so that the weather will be kind and the crops will be bountiful.

It is with great respect that Mr. Georgi Arabadjiev along with the mayor and other residents of Tserova koria continue these traditions which are of significant as well as cultural importance to the village.

Tserova koria Harvest Traditions

Once a year an area is designated within the village for the harvest tradition to be held.
A tent is erected and a table adorned with beautiful flowers donated by wonderful residents are placed among the food and drink which has been kindly donated by Georgi and his wife Aneta.

Georgi Arabadjiev with a sharpened sickle in hand walks into the field and cuts the first golden crop of wheat by hand.

He ties the sheaf into a bundle which is then symbolically placed in the central area where more ritual is to take place.

Mr. Christo Kunchev our mayor gave a welcoming speech and thanked Mr. Georgi Arabadjiev on behalf of Tserova koria residents and then introduced priest Father Asen, who conducted the ceremony of prayers and blessings to all who had come to celebrate, and in particular to those employees who work the farm machinery.

After the prayer service and everyone has been showered with holy water blessed by father Asen, including the farm machinery, an articulate reading by Petya Nedeva one of the village recital group ladies was followed by harmonious singing by ladies of the village choir accompanied by local musicians.

Before the harvest food and drink table was opened to everyone, traditional Bulgarian dancing followed the singing and for the first time the new children’s dance group ‘Easter’ choreographed by Marieta Radeva made their debut with several splendid and entertaining performances.
The Radomira dance group led by choreographer Christina Lazarova also performed a well-rehearsed combination of steps followed by a village horo where everyone was free to join in the fun.

At the end of the mornings festivity Georgi Arabadjiev and Aneta were presented certificates by the Mayor and thanked for their continuous support and generous donations to the village groups and various village projects including a 3000 leva donation to the ‘Chitalsite’ building renovation and day excursions for other village groups plus 300 leva for the pensioners club fund.

Author and pictures: Paul Williams

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