Ritual cutting of the vine in Tserova koria – February 13, 2022

Trifon Zarezan is a Bulgarian national custom observed on the 14th of February in honor of Saint Tryphon. It is celebrated as a holiday by vine-growers, falconers, gardeners, and innkeepers.

The day historically marks the beginning of grape pruning.

Each year the village of Tserova Koria upholds the wonderful tradition of Trifon Zarezan.

In recent years the event has become so popular that a coach excursion with “EUROTOURS-VT” brings many visitors from the Veliko Tarnovo area.

The Trifon vine cutting ritual is followed by much dancing by local folklore dance groups and visitors all accompanied by excellent musicians.

Of course, no Bulgarian event would be without food and drink and the hosts ensured that there is enough for everyone.

Due to Covid restrictions during 2021 the event had to be canceled at the last minute and the vineyard, which had been the normal venue for the Trifon ritual, was closed down and the vines removed.

Fortunately, the Mayor of Tserova Koria Mr. Christo Kunchev, and his team brought the ‘mountain to Mohammed’ by planting several vines in the village square to enable the tradition to continue and be enjoyed once again.

Тhis year the winners for the best wine are:
  1. Georgi Arabadjiev
  2. Ivan Arabadjiev
  3. Nedka Kucarowa and Ivanka Kerkenezova
Many thanks to all those that organize, fund, support, and assist in keeping Bulgarian traditions alive and well.

Special thanks to:
  • Video recording: Paul Williams and Ivomir Bonev
  • Video editing: Paul Williams
  • Translation: Francesca James
  • Video Dialogue Assistant: Petya Nedeva
Author: Paul Williams
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